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Thursday, June 19, 2014


Have you ever felt you needed to slow your life down enough to pray? I have. I seem to be naturally in a hurry. Prayer calls me to slow down and rest, focus and commune with God. I have even felt the need to slow my prayers themselves down. Two weeks ago I made that as a commitment. So each day as I prayed through prayer lists and took needs to God, I told myself over and over again “Slow down.”

I tried to slow down to narrow my focus on people; to slow down and watch; to slow down and listen; to slow down and remember; to slow down and think; to slow down and give thanks, even or especially when I am not focused on anything I deem thankworthy.


The primary thing I learned in the experience was that I need God to help me slow down. I cannot do it on my own. Like every other facet of prayer. I need God’s help. It is worth asking God to help us slow our prayers down to connect with God rather than the hurried world.










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