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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Scripture commands us to pray continually. What does that mean? I have heard preachers say, (I have said this myself.) "This means we are to maintain an attitude of prayer.” But I do not think that is a practical way of thinking about prayer. Prayer is communication with God. It is asking Him for something or thanking Him, confessing sin or lavishing praise on His Name. It may even be listening to His still small voice. But it is always more than an attitude.

I recommend an exercise that helps us pray continually. Driving is one of those times when you cannot pray in your closet. I have been suggesting to people that they start trying to pray for the driver and passengers in every other car you meet on the road. This is a good beginning toward praying silently for everyone you see in the grocery store, the bank or at church.

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  1. Thank you, Dave. I often do pray for those I see on the road - especially for those who are off to the side in some form of distress. But I've not prayed for every car! I'll try that today. :) God bless.