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Thursday, March 6, 2014


In The Lord's Prayer Jesus taught us to ask God to deliver us from evil. This request fills much of my prayers. Whether I have just seen a pretty girl at the Y, at the gas station, or at church, or I was just cut off in traffic. I find I need to cry out to the Lord, "Father, sin is at my door. Keep me from falling into it." It seems I am often in situations where I cannot keep from brooding on some wrong done to me. I have to pray something like, "Father, if you do not deliver me, I will say or do something sinful." In those times the enemy tells me I will not be able to resist temptation. But I am often surprised that God does indeed deliver me.

Sometimes I need to ask God to help me see the seriousness of sin so I will not cancel out His leadership when he warns me to avoid an entertaining TV show or some other tempting situation. I regularly need to ask God to deliver me from desiring to please people because of the multiplicity of temptations that leads me into.

“Lord, remind me to pray. You are the only protection I have from turning off into the path of temptation.”

”O Lord, deliver me from evil.”

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  1. Amen! Sin is always at the door. In fact, I heard once that "opportunity knocks, but trouble leans on the doorbell." We are inundated with temptations in this world - praise God for His grace and strength to see us through.