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Thursday, December 27, 2012


At the conclusion of Luke’s account of the birth of Jesus Mary and Joseph bring the babe to the temple to be dedicated to the Lord. They are met there by Simeon and Anna. Anna had been praying and fasting in the temple night and day into her 84th year. What had she, and as I suppose, Simeon, been praying for all that time. They were praying for the Messiah. Only His presence would suffice for the world.
We too can pray something similar. I often pray for people whose needs are obviously more complex than I can fully fathom. But I can pray for our Lord to touch them personally. He is the only answer that will do.


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  1. What a great JOY it is to pray . . . to know that the God of impossibilities hears us and ALWAYS answers according to His good, loving, and perfect will. I am so humbled when the Spirit burdens me to pray for others in specific ways . . . I become suddenly aware that God is at work and a miracle is in the making. :)