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Sunday, June 25, 2017


When I was in high school there was a mature Christian who worked with the youth in our church. He encouraged young people to go through The Navigators’ Bible memory program (TMS) and led what were called deeper life Bible studies. While I was away at college I heard he was extremely ill and nearly died. During that time I prayed sporadically but earnestly for him.
Several years later I saw him again for the first time after his recovery. I was thrilled to see him back at his work. And I told him I had prayed for him. His answer seemed strange to me. He said, “Brother, l felt those prayers.”
I cannot think of any place in the Bible that links prayer with feeling. I think of prayer like Elijah at Mt. Carmel. When fire fell from heaven the people felt Elijah's prayer like you might feel a tornado. Trembling with fear they fell on their faces crying, “The LORD He is God!”
The Children of Israel had to be frightened when the Red Sea parted. Nothing less than the Armies of Pharaoh could have made them walk out into that canyon between two towers of water held in place by the wind. They felt the power of God, but it was certainly not just internal.
Still, in a way I understand what my friend might have meant. The God who works by parting seas and healing the sick also comforts His children. People can feel God's embrace as we pray. I believe someone can be assured of the presence of God because others are praying. And people can know God holds them tightly in His hands because we are praying for them.

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