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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


This has seemed strange to some of you when I have done it in the past. But it is crucial that I ask my readers to pray for me and for my blog. This is important because all wisdom, all discernment and all knowledge come from God. If He does not speak through my writing, no one will benefit.
This is true about anything you read, anyone who teaches or any preacher you listen to. Pray for God to speak to them. And ask Him to speak through them. I have a particular request this week, although God may impress you to pray something entirely different for me.
Here is my request. I am considering starting a new blog. I think I will call it, "THINKING IN THE SPIRIT." If indeed I do this, I will write one week in my WATCHING IN PRAYER Blog, and the next in THINKING IN THE SPIRIT. Pray for clear guidance for me in this matter.
God bless you.

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