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Monday, January 11, 2016


I remember hearing Roy Fish, Evangelism Professor at Southwestern Seminary, speak at an Evangelism Conference. In the middle of his message he said something that struck home for many of us in a way we had not really thought about before. He said, "One of the most powerful witnesses you can ever give to someone is giving them a good book to read.”
Have you ever thought about books as a tool for preparing people to receive a witness of the gospel? In one of the essays in his book, God In The Dock, C.S. Lewis said, "The young atheist needs to be careful what he reads, if he wants to maintain his faith."
I have a list of writers that I pray for every day. My list includes some of those authors who have written books that have powerfully impacted my life. I pray every day for Davis Bunn, Phillip Yancey, Tim Keller, Bodie and Brock Thoene and others. I also pray for God to use books whose authors are no longer alive. I need to add to this list. I also have some writers who are just beginning to write. What is God preparing to do through them?

And now I have a personal and practical prayer request for you. I just finished the first draft of a third novel in a series. And a non-fiction book I have been working on for several years about ready to be released. Pray with me that God's Spirit will move on and through these books.
And in preparation for the release of these books the Kindle edition of my other books are being offered free this weekend, beginning Thursday, January 14, 2016. Share this with your friends and family. Pray for many to take advantage of this. And pray for God to use these books in the lives of many people. These books can be accessed at on the book page of my website.

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