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Thursday, May 21, 2015


I drove by a very forbidding compound today. It had twelve foot fences with concertina wire curled around its top. Its buildings were all unpainted concrete. I saw no grass or trees. Its yards were concrete. There were high guard towers and garish flood lights. It was of course a prison. We are all familiar with this sight. They have been springing up like noxious weeds all over America. As I drove by I realized I had never prayed for this particular prison. Why was that? I suppose I have tried not to think about its presence there. God forgive me. That prison houses people Jesus told me to visit and minister to. He said visiting them was the same as visiting Him in need. I need to start praying for them. Right now I do not even know how to find the names of inmates or guards in this or any prison.  But for now I am committing to pray for this prison every time I pass the compound. I am also putting a reminder in my prayer lists to pray for this prison. And I want to start praying daily for prisons and prisoners in general. I wonder what God will do and how He will expand my prayers as I fulfill this commitment.

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