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Thursday, October 23, 2014


We often think of prayer as a lone vigil. And sometimes it is. But the Scripture also teaches us to pray together. Nearly all the references to the powerful prayer in the early chapters of Acts are plural. "They lifted their voices together in prayer.” (Acts 4:24)
Do you have a Bible study or prayer group where you can share prayer requests? Praying together is one of the most powerful things we do as a church. In Matthew 18:19 Jesus gave us a special promise of answered prayer when we agree together. Nothing binds the church together like prayer.
In Romans 15:30 Paul urged the believers in Rome to strive together with him in Prayer. The word in the original language is "sunagonizomai". This compound word is made up by "sun," which means together and "agonizomai." From this word we get our word agonize. It was an athletic term. It meant to pour your guts out in athletic competition. "Sunagonizomai" was used for teammates striving together.*
Are you striving together in prayer with a missionary, a pastor or a Christian writer? Do you have a prayer team praying with you? Has God given you a special ministry? Do you teach a Sunday School class? Are you trying to witness a co-worker? Do you play an instrument or lead in worship? You need to recruit a prayer team. This will not be easy. Our enemy will fight this any way he can. But you will find your prayer team an indispensable source of power in your ministry and in your whole life.


*I made a video on this word that some of you will enjoy.


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