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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Many people worship excitement and thrills today. People are often addicted to new and greater thrills. Part of the reason for this is that all earthly thrills are diminishing. The first time a person experiences a thrill the automatic response may be terror. The next time it may be something like joy. But each succeeding time the intensity diminishes into boredom.

But there is a thrill that works the other way. That is the thrill of pouring ourselves into the worship of God. He is infinite. The nearer we draw to Him, the more we come to understand and experience His Majesty, His glory, the wonder of His being! The more we worship Him, the more we long to worship more and more. Like His compassion and faithfulness, our worship is new every morning forever. (Lam.3:23)

Have you ever thought it would be boring to be one of the four living creatures surrounding the throne of God crying "Holy, holy, holy," forever and ever? (Daniel 6:3) That misunderstands the reality of worshipping the infinite God. Worship is certainly boring if not disturbing to lost people. And indeed they would be eternally horrified in heaven. But God in His grace does not make heaven mandatory for those who reject Him. And the more a person rejects God the harder and colder the heart becomes. However, the more we come to know God, the more we are transformed in His glorious presence and the more we thrill at worshipping Him.

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