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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Prayer is a powerful expression of divine love in our lives. Most of us misunderstand this because our society has redefined love as romance. But love is not simply romantic feelings but expressing selflessness. When scripture tells a man to love his wife it is not necessarily telling him to be romantic. It may be when that is what his wife wants and needs. But romance usually focuses on how we feel about a person or how someone makes us feel. That is anti-love.

We pray because we love people and focus on their needs. We even pray because we want to love people that we don’t or can’t feel good about. Prayer is fundamental to stretching our love. I put the name of a person on a prayer list because he has wronged me or I know he will harm me or because he rubs me the wrong way. I am making a commitment to pray for that person however I feel. I have been angry and frustrated with someone and set aside a full hour to pray for her. Nothing develops such an attitude of love for a person like prayer.

In prayer we connect with the love of God, with His great love for us and with the power of His love through us.

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