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Thursday, February 6, 2014


If prayer were a dance, we would let God lead. Prayer is a relationship with God. We respond in obedience to God’s lead in prayer. He guides our prayers. He develops our prayer life.

Have ever you determined to rise early in the morning to pray like Jesus did in Mark 1:35? Many of us have done that. Be sure, that desire comes from the Holy Spirit within you. God is leading. And most of us have had this experience as well. God obviously woke you, but you lay there and went back to sleep? When you respond in obedience, your prayer life grows. But what do we do when we have flubbed it? Our enemy frantically works to make you give up and give in to our weakness and sin.

Keep asking God to help you, to change your attitudes, to give you a hunger for Him, to help you discipline yourself to grow in prayer. If you are growing in prayer you are probably in the habit of asking God to help in nearly every facet of your prayer life. Keep asking for Him to help you follow His lead.

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