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Thursday, January 16, 2014


In the beginnings of a year we often make plans for what we will do and where we wish to go in a year or a lifetime. But our own plans will not do. We need God’s plans. He alone knows the way of significance for your life. Last week I wrote to you about listening to God. This week I want to talk to you about obeying what God has told you.

It is foolish to ask God to reveal His plans to you, when you are showing yourself to be a poor manager of what He has already shown you. When you need a personal word from God, ask Him to remind you of what He has already told you. You may need God to change your heart or give you the courage and ability to obey what He has already shown you.


  1. As Sam and I are entering into a new year, we have been praying and seeking what God has for us because only he knows what is best for us. We are praying and listening for God to reveal to us how we can be his hands and feet, but when he says move we need to move. Thank you for your Blog, it has really spoken to us.

  2. Also, I am actively seeking God's direction for our church, and how to motivate our church to desire His direction and willingness to follow it as well.
    Lord help us to desire you more than this world!