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Thursday, August 8, 2013


I could have titled this blog posting, PRAYING FOR PRAYER 3. I will explain that yet. But let me begin by asking how we see Jesus praying in the Gospels. He prayed all night before choosing His disciples. Have you ever prayed all night long? In the garden before the cross, He was amazed that His disciples could not even watch with Him for an hour. After feeding the multitude Jesus went up on the mountain to pray alone. Do you go from exhaustion and success directly to extended prayer? In fact prayer seems to have been woven into our Lord’s daily life. You cannot see him clearly if you do not observe Him in prayer.

It seems to me to be the height of arrogance to enter into any undertaking without extended prayer. How do we think we could make an impact on the world without the power of God that Jesus clearly depended on?

But you say, that was Jesus. We could not pray like Him anymore than we could walk on water. And I would certainly agree with you. That is why we need to walk in fellowship with Him allowing the Holy Spirit to inspire and enhance our prayers. O Father, work in my life, in our lives, today to pray more like Jesus.


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