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Thursday, April 11, 2013


Are you aware of barriers that keep you from hearing the voice of God? Every time we open the Bible, every time we seek intimacy with the holy God, we need these barriers removed. Let me suggest three barriers that often separate us from fellowship with God.

You can ask God to remove resentment and unforgiveness from your heart. Resentment twists your thinking in ways that you cannot perceive until God breaks its hold on you. It poisons your own soul and makes you miserable. It always brings depression in its wake. Resentment affects every relationship in your life. And worst of all it blocks your relationship with God. Jesus said if you will not forgive men, the Father will not forgive you. (Matt. 18:35) Who are you unwilling to forgive? Is your resentment worth God not forgiving you?

Lust and greed will be barriers to God. The same word translated “lust” in James also translates “Thou shalt not covet” when it is quoted in the New Testament. We miss many blessings because we are driven by our wants instead of listening for what God wants to give us.

Another barrier is pride. Our society seeks to promote pride. But it keeps us from having fellowship with God. Are you unwilling for your heart to be broken over sin? I think it is worth praying for God to remove pride and so spiritual complacency from our hearts.

O Lord, remove the berries between us/me and You.


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